Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Broken Blog!

so it seems that this blog is broken.

Sorry it’s not been updated for ages, we mostly post on other sources now.

It’ seems it because of the demise of Google +.

I will see what I can do, but it looks like this has come to end.

Sorry everyone.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Time for a change!

Hi Eveyrone, well it's been quite some time since I posted here, the poor weather over winter meant that Goldilocks spent most of the time in my garage.

Anyway that time over winter gave me time to think that I wanted something just a bit faster, so Goldilocks has gone and been exchanged with a new replamcmet, my new Caterham 620R.

I have already given her the nickname Scarlet, due to her colour, even though it is actually BMW Sakhir Orange!

Here's a quick pick, but I have also started a new blog just dedicated to Scarlet, the link is here:-

Scarlet, My Caterham 620R

Friday, 10 June 2016

Now we are famous on Pistonheads too!

Well almost anyway!

I added some pictures of my Superlight Twenty today, on the section of Pistonheads called Readers Cars.

Quite a few people commented,,and it seems to generate quite a bit of new interest too.

So much so that it's made the front page of www.pistonheads.com being featured as " Readers Car of the Week!"

It's nice that so many people are getting inspired by my pictures of my little car.


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A quick trip to Church Stretton and more photos too!

So now that the car is getting some use, I thought it was time to start putting some miles on it, so that we can be ready and well bedded in for a sprint day we have booked on the 15th June at Curborough Sprint course.

For no other reason than I needed a good location to chose as a destination, I picked The Long Mynd in Church Stretton in Shropshire.

I decided on going west as it seemed from the weather forecast that was where most of the sun was going to be on Tuesday, and I am pleased to say that the warmth and sun held out until I was almost home, when we got caught in a very sudden downpour.

However as it started only about 10 miles from home it was not too bad, and a quick leather and wipe down in the garage, and my car looked great again.

The trip cross county from home to Church Stretron and back was fun too, lost of cross county via Kiddeminster, Stourbridge, Bridgenorth and Much Wenlock, with lots of other people out enjoying the sun and loads of bikers acknowledging me as they passed too!

Here's all the photos taken as I stopped at the top of the Long Mynd, the sheep were very interested indeed in my shiny car!

Time for some better quality photos

So now we have gone full Carbon Aeroscreen, I thought it would be good to take some better quality photos, in a nicer location. I did want to use my local sailing lakes at Earlswood, but could not get access to the location to be able to shoot my car by the water.

The next best option was to drive to Arrow Valley lake in Redditch, which again is quite local to me, and allows me to enjoy some great local lanes from my home, via Earlswood, Tanworth in Arden, Ullenhall and on to Redditch.

So here's the whole set of photos taken that evening, I tried to wait until closer to sunset, but this was probably about one and a half hours before Sunset proper.

Once again using my Nikon D600, with my favourite 16 - 35mm lens, some taken with flash, some without.

Warning this is a picture heavy post! Some came out quite well, so I hope you all enjoy them!